Clinical Support

From coordinating site visits to regional meetings, the Clinical Support Team at TSU is dedicated to developing and maintaining positive relationships between therapists and administrators. Our Clinical Coordinators are well versed in current, clinical practices & special education laws. They are committed to ensuring positive working relationships, as well as supporting clinical competency and quality services.  

About Us

We have developed a multi-faceted approach to attract highly qualified therapists. We use a variety of avenues to seek candidates who go through a personalized and thorough interview process. We work closely with each qualifying candidate to identify their particular needs and to provide them with benefits and working conditions that foster dedication, loyalty and long-lasting relationships.

Therapists Overview

At TSU, we strive to discover professional, dedicated individuals and place them in a position that achieves or exceeds both their personal and professional goals. Therapy Solutions Unlimited values our therapists and supports them with flexible scheduling, competitive salaries, continuing education funds and important assets such as our Clinical Support Team and web-based payroll submission.       

Looking for an Opportunity?

Rest assured that your information is secure and will be used to contact you so we can help you find the employment opportunity that fits your needs.  We look forward to working with you!


We have designed our benefits package to ensure that our clinical service professionals and the providers they work for enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • Ongoing staff development
  • Annual evaluations
  • Continuing education funds
  • Competitive salaries
  • Flexible scheduling
  • And more!